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Acetech Predator BB Tracer Unit (w/ AT2000 Module)
Acetech Predator BB Tracer Unit (w/ AT2000 Module)
Acetech Predator BB Tracer Unit (w/ AT2000 Module)
Acetech Predator BB Tracer Unit (w/ AT2000 Module)

Acetech Predator BB Tracer Unit (w/ AT2000 Module)

Price:USD $ 120.28

Buy Quantity:
- Made In Taiwan
- AT2000 Module + VFC M4 KAC Quick Detach Silencer With Steel Flash Hider
- VFC KAC Type M4 QD Silencer ( QDSS-NT4 )
- Dimensions : 169 (L) x 35 (D) mm
- Threading : 14 mm CCW
- AT2000 Module
- Dimensions : 113(L) x 32.2(D) mm
- Weight : 42g (Without Batteries)
- Product Instructions :
   1. Predator Combines VFC KAC Type QD Silencer With AT2000 Module Unit Into A
       High Quality Quick Detach Tracer Unit.
   2. Before Inserting The AT2000 Module, The Foam Inside The Silencer Must Be
       Removed With The On/Off Button Of The Module Facing Head First Into The
       Front Cap Of The Silencer.
- AT2000 Tracer Unit Description :
  1. Requires 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries Or High Efficiency NI-CD Rechargeable
      Batteries. Switch The Power On, Tighten The Silencer Cap And Clamp It On To
      The Gun Barrel For Immediate Use.
  2. Internals Contains High Voltage Circuits, Do Not Attempt To Disassemble.
  3. Auto Shut Off Directions :
   A. Auto Power Off After 40 Minutes Without Firing
   B. When Batteries Are Low, Power Light Blinks For 3 Seconds Before Auto Power Off
  4. LED Power Indicator :
   A. Green Light : Full
   B. Orange Light : Half
   C. Red Light : Low
  5. Battery Instructions :
   A. Use Only Alkaline Batteries
   B. Use High Quality Brands Rechargeable Batteries ( Eneloop, Panasonic, Sanyo...)
   C. Do Not Use Carbon Zinc Batteries Which May Affect The AT2000 Functions
   D. Remove Batteries When Not In Use In Case Of Battery Leakage Damaging The
  6. When Installing The Unit, Never Look Towards The Barrel In Case Of Accidental
  7. Specifications :
    ※ Supports Green Luminous BBs
    ※ Supports 30PRS Auto Without Decreasing Illumination Or Missing Lighting BBs
    ※ Use 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries Or High Quality Ni-cd Rechargeable Batteries
    ※ LED Power Indicator
    ※ FCC, CE, ROHS

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